Monday 16 April 2012

National Library of Scotland material on Internet Archive

For some time the National Library of Scotland ( has been digitising material in partnership with the Internet Archive (, most notably the Post Office directories project. What I had not twigged was just how much additional material the library has placed online through the partnership.

The library has a dedicated page on the site at On this you will find the following collections, including Harts Army Lists, RAF lists, trade directories and more:

Harts Army List
201 Harts Army List items

Music at the NLS
311 books from the Music collection at the National Library of Scotland

National Library of Scotland - Air Force Lists
59 items

National Library of Scotland, Architecture
1 book on Architecture

Navy Lists, National Library of Scotland
122 Navy Lists

RL Stevenson books from the NLS
9 books by Robert Louis Stevenson

Scottish Directories
812 editions from across Scotland (NB: The NLS website currently provides access to 694 of these)

Scottish Family History
375 books contributed by National Library of Scotland

Stirling Council Library and Archives Service
6 items from Stirling Council, Scotland Directories

The Mitchell Library, Glasgow City Council
34 books from The Mitchell Library, Glasgow City Council.

Should keep a few of you busy!


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  1. This is an excellent resource. Thank you for drawing it to our attention, Chris.

  2. I would like to see some work done on listing Children's Homes in Scotland for those as children had complex and often little information about themselves. Information is sorely lacking at national level.