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Lutterworth, Leicestershire (UK) and Gilbert, AZ (USA) — December 4, 2012 — The Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) and Family History Information Standards Organisation, Inc. (FHISO) announced today that The Federation of Family History Societies has finalised its plans to become a founding member of the organisation. As part of this process, FFHS has designated Malcolm Austen as its key organisational member representative. Malcolm will participate with other FHISO members from the global genealogical community in the development of standards for the digital representation and sharing of family history and genealogical information.

“As family historians embrace the digital age and new technology transforms the way we research, discover and collate information about our ancestors, it is vitally important that we ensure that we adhere to the highest standards available when accessing and sharing data online. We are already seeing some of the problems emerging – incorrect citation of primary sources, confusion about where information was originally created, and issues around referencing personal archives that have been made available on the internet. The Federation of Family History Societies is therefore proud to be one of the founder members of FHISO, and will assist its work in creating the much-needed standards for genealogical data around the world”, said Dr. Nick Barratt, FFHS President.

“We are a community of diverse practitioners and interests. Recognising the needs and devising solutions for our community is not a job for the few, but the many. It is an honour to welcome the Federation of Family History Societies to FHISO. Already instrumental in uniting more than 160 member societies in the United Kingdom and around the globe, FFHS brings vision and experience to FHISO. Our future is today better and brighter for their commitment”, said acting FHISO Chairman, Robert Burkhead.

The Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) is an educational charity formed in 1974. Over the years, membership has grown to over 160 societies throughout the world, including national, regional and one-name groups. The Federation provides educational opportunities and administers both the Elizabeth Simpson and Geoff Riggs awards. The Federation publishes the FFHS Ezine. FFHS has a long history of providing an authentic, audible, and respected voice for the many thousands of individual family historians. To learn more about FFHS, please visit the organisation’s website,

FHISO is a standards-developing organisation bringing the international family history and genealogical community together in a transparent, self-governing forum for the purpose of developing information standards to solve today’s interoperability issues. To learn more about FHISO, visit

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