Friday 21 December 2012

Northern Irish BMD certs price increase

The General Register Office for Northern Ireland is increasing certificate prices from £14 to £15. This would appear to be because of the public desire to see more humour at Christmas in Northern Ireland. Ho ho ho.... Claire Santry has details at

On the plus side, Claire has also reported that the plans to provide online access to the records appear to be still on track, and importantly, on schedule. I recently blogged that I had been talking to someone from GRONI in Belfast who had stated that certain legislative issues were threatening to stall the speed of this project. The main issue was that indexes were the only requirement permitted to be seen under the then legislation, meaning GRONI had previously actually been showing images to people without the official legislative competence to do so. However, Claire is also reporting that a hurdle has been passed on this front that will now make it possible for the project to stay on track. That report is at

(With thanks to Claire Santry)


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