Friday 7 December 2012

More on WDYTYA Live advertising scam

I posted a comment a couple of days ago about a scam for advertising in an alleged brochure being put together for Who Do You Think You Are Live 2013, which the event has confirmed to me is a fraud (see

I've since heard of other examples of this from other professional genealogists, including one who had a call this morning from a woman with an Australian accent seeking to offer the same. It seems to be quite an aggressive scam doing the rounds.

Please take on board the advice given in my previous post - if anyone calls to offer advertising in a WDYTYA Live brochure, it is a scam - the only way to advertise is to contact the event itself (see previous post for details)


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  1. I was also contacted by a lady with an Australian accent just this lunch time making me the same offer of advertising, but I turned it down.

    Thank you for making this post - it shows I made the right decision.