Thursday 20 December 2012

Register of Births and Deaths on Hovercraft

There's a nice find on the latest edition of Peter Calver's Lost Cousins latest newsletter. A DirectGov document available online in PDF format at is mentioned within a piece by Peter on the GRO minor records series. Most of these records are well known about, such as the regimental army registers going as far back as 1760, marine registers, consular records etc, with indexes for most of the collections available for free at  This document, however, mentions other GRO collections you may not have come across before, both for England and Wales, and also abroad, such as the Abandoned Children Register (from 1977), Installation Deaths Register for oil and gas rigs (from 1971), and Births and Deaths on British registered hovercrafts (from 1972).

A nice wee nugget to derive a few pub quiz questions from! The full newsletter is available at


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  1. Now I am curious as to how many people died and were born on hovercrafts.... Further investigation by someone with easy access to Kew is called for

  2. I suspect the statistics will be a bit up in the air!