Monday 3 December 2012

UK genealogy cruise planned for 2015

Australian based genealogy venture Unlock the Past ( has outlined prospective plans for two further family history cruises in 2014 and 2015.

The 2014 cruise will be a 9 day round trip from Sydney and back again, taking in Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart. Of greater interest perhaps on this side of the globe though is the proposed 2015 cruise! No firm itinerary has been confirmed as yet, but the intention is to try to organise a two week cruise from the UK to the Baltic - the Unlock the Past website states "this cruise is not yet a final commitment, though it is very likely to go ahead".

At the moment the organisers want your feedback to help shape a prospective itinerary, which can be given on the company's Future Cruises page at Keep an eye out there also for further developments as plans hot up over the next few months, and of course, this blog! The company's 2013 cruise is soon to get underway from Australia to Fiji - further details on this one can be found at

This time last year I had the great pleasure to attend as a speaker on company's 2nd cruise, from New Zealand to Australia, on which I gave something like 29 talks (including talks at various port stops), with several other speakers also in attendance. The cruise itself was immensely enjoyable, but the family history programme itself took it into the stratosphere. If you are looking to treat yourself to something truly enjoyable, the UK cruise is still a couple of years away, so plenty of time to start saving up the pennies!

For my reports on last year's cruise visit my previous posts at and

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream....!

(With thanks to Alan Phillips at Unlock the Past)


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