Wednesday 26 December 2012

Welsh History Review Group established

There's an interesting blog post on Click on Wales, the blog for the Institute of Welsh Affairs, on the way that history teaching has been developed over the last years in the country as part of Curriculum Cymreig. A new body has been set up to review the way forward (The Welsh History Review Group).

Family history gets a mention, and the focus is on whether there are betters ways for people to attain the goals of Curriculum Cymreig, which are "to understand and celebrate the distinctive quality of living and learning in Wales in the 21st Century, to identify their own sense of ‘Welshness’ and to feel a heightened sense of belonging to their local community and country". The full post is at

COMMENT: I genuinely don't know if any of the panel have specific experience in the family history arena, but it's heartening to note that it is a consideration as part of the mix. Family history above all else is about identity, and whilst 'history' can provide many canvases as a backdrop, family history will always provide the direct connection.


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