Friday 7 December 2012

Forces War Records redesign on cards

Thanks to Tim Hayhoe for a comment concerning feedback given by a reader of this blog about the records available on Forces War Records ( Here's the statement just posted on an older blog post on this site (at

Hi Guys, we're happy to say that all feedback is received with good grace. I have redesigned a sources and collections page akin to other leading sites which will be launched very soon. Hopefully (if it remains unchanged by the technical team!) information within that set and the number of individual names within that also, along with all important original source info. Hopefully this will go a long way to allowing searchers to be assured this is a professional site and more importantly it's a site that listens and takes action when constructive feedback is given.

An observation I raised before (see, was that the search screen at present is a bit too simplistic for the military records - any search tells you a record has been found, but not what type of record, so the only way to see is to subscribe. This can be both frustrating and a waste of money if you then discover that you already have that record from another online platform, where some, though not all, of the material is replicated. I look forward to seeing the changes when they are implemented, and to see if this is tackled also.

(With thanks to Tim)


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