Sunday, 27 April 2014

Canada, British Vessel Crew Lists, 1881 on Ancestry

Ancestry ( has recently released another third party collection entitled Canada, British Vessel Crew Lists, 1881 on its site at

From the site:

The 1881 Crew List Database contains the names of seamen taken from crew agreements from voyages of British registered vessels ending in 1881. The year 1881 was chosen to coincide with the census taken in Britain in the same year. Records extracted from the database include name, vessel, official number, and voyage year. The crew lists themselves may contain additional details, such as:

place of birth
date and place he joined the ship
date and place when he left the ship or died
ship on which last served

You can find an explanation of the headings on the crew lists on the Anatomy of an Agreement page at the Maritime History Archive website.

Unfortunately the link given on the site for the Maritime History Archive is coming up as broken just now, but the main site is is accessible at Searches on the Ancestry site provide a basic return, after which you are then invited to follow a link to the Maritime History Archive for the record, though at the time of writing there seems to be a problem following through on the search to this site.


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  1. There is a note with link on the main page for the Maritime History Archive, Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada. Here is the direct link to the index page: