Thursday, 10 April 2014

FindmyPast 100 in 100 campaign

FindmyPast ( has launched a new campaign entitled 100 in 100, in which it states "Over the next 100 days we will be releasing new records every week comprising millions of new names and showcasing some of our recently added collections. You can now explore more of your family’s history than ever before." The full blurb is at

Recent collection releases on the site include:
  • Birmingham Pals 1914-1918
  • Birmingham Employers' Roll of Honour 1914-1918
  • 1st Bradford Pals (16th West Yorkshire Regt)
  • Edinburgh Pals (15th & 16th Royal Scots Regt)
  • Glasgow Pals 1914 - 1918
  • Liverpool Pals 1914 - 1918
  • Salford Pals (15th, 16th & 19th & 20th Lancashire Fusiliers)
  • South Down Battalions (11th, 12th & 13th Royal Sussex)

Some great content, but the site continues to be dogged with complaints about the newly released platform on which they are displayed. The company's own thread for feedback now has over 1700 comments, mostly complaints (see


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  1. What great records, especially in this particular year, but what a pity that so many of us will probably never get to see them, and what a shame that the U.K. National Archives has made them available via what is now such a nebulous clunker of a site. They are well aware of the site condition, several FMP users who complained to them about FMP have posted replies from TNA which mostly say that the new site is great and blah blah, so apparently the FMP customers are all woofing.

    It's depressingly symbolic that those units were slaughtered wholesale, and now the cyber version of their records face a similar tragic fate.

  2. Interestingly ,Vicki Dawson - General Manager of Find My past Australia, posted the 100 in 100 Campaign this morning to two Australian Genealogy groups that I am member of.
    This was my reponse, "Although I love to explore new records what I would like most from "Find My Past" is a platform/website with a search facility that is of same quality or better than the previous platform/website. There are numerous issues that need to be still resolved. If customers can not find records with ease there is no point introducing new records. It is a currently like searching for a needle in a haystack. There are 1000's of customers who share this same opinion."

  3. Anonymous Australian poster above, it would be really great and potentially useful to FMP customers everywhere to know what the identity and URL's of those Australian groups are.

  4. Henry - One group is called "Australian Genealogy" -!/groups/talltrees/
    The other group is called "Australian Family History and Genealogy" -!/groups/talltrees/
    These groups generally focus on assisting members with Australian Genealogy.

  5. Links to facebook groups:

    Australian Genealogy

    Australian Family History and Genealogy!/groups/141114082690049/