Wednesday, 23 April 2014

PRONI - Using Church Records lecture on YouTube

A big thanks to PRONI for helping me to resolve something that has bugged me for a few years! The archive has placed online a lecture by Valerie Adams of the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland, entitled Using Church Records, and divided up into four segments. Here's the first:

Also directly available on YouTube at

Links for the rest are:
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The question that bugged me was about Ireland's state church records, those of the Anglican based Church of Ireland. If the church's hierarchy was Anglican, why were there not bishops transcripts kept at the diocesan level, as in England and Wales? Well, it it turns out that there were - but they were also destroyed in the Four Courts fire in 1922, with just a few fragments surviving. It's a small thing, but wee questions like that bug the hell out of me if I can't get an answer - so that's another one to tick off the list...!

The PRONI You Tube channel also has a copy of a lecture by Dr. Annaleigh Margey of Dundalk Institute of Technology on The 1641 Depositions- an early source for local history (and beyond), available via


Now available for UK research is the new second edition of the best selling Tracing Your Family History on the Internet: A Guide for Family Historians. And for those wishing to take Scottish ancestral research a bit further, my next Pharos course, Scotland 1750-1850: Beyond the Old Parish Records, commences May 14th 2014.

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