Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Forthcoming PRONI events

From PRONI in Belfast:

Public Talk: Experiences of the Poor and Excluded
23rd April, 1pm to 2pm

Join us to hear a lunchtime talk from our very own Dr. Glynn Kelso, who will explore the lives of those who faced poverty and destitution in late 18th to early 20th Ireland. We will explore historic poorhouse registers, church poor relief documents and hospital records to piece together the poignant real-life experiences these people faced. Consequently, this talk will provide an excellent introduction to anyone interested in demystifying and researching these types of records for themselves.

Belfast: Past, Present, Future
Lecture Series in May/June

This is a reminder that we have another exciting lecture series coming up relating to the historical development of Belfast. Five specialists will take us on an exploration of the infrastructure, architecture and urban society of a city, that changed itself from a small coastal settlement into the most industrialised metropolis in Ireland. Within this context, we will also discuss recent developments and outlook for Belfast’s future.

Giro d’Italia: The Big Start
9-11 May 2014

The Giro d'Italia, one of the world's biggest sporting occasions, will launch from Belfast's Titanic Quarter from 9th to 10th of May. We expect there to be heavy traffic disruption around Titanic Quarter on Friday 9th May, as well as potential congestion on Thursday 8th of May. We strongly recommend that any users who wish to visit PRONI on these days make use of public transport where possible. PRONI is a 10-15 minute walk from Titanic Quarter Railway Station; and is also accessible from the City Centre by Metro 26.

To mark this exciting event, PRONI will soon install a small exhibition in our atrium on the history of cycling in Ireland, along with a digital gallery of highlight images. Also check out our Document of the Month for April to put you in the mood!

Sunningdale Conference
23 May 2014

Last but not least, we would like to announce details of a very special conference coming up in May relating to a key event in the history of our own democracy.

In December 1973 the Sunningdale Agreement, which aimed to establish a power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland and cross-border Council of Ireland, was signed. By May 1974, this agreement had collapsed, owing to political opposition, violence and a large general strike. Forty years on from these tumultuous events, the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences at the University of Ulster and the Political Studies Association (Irish Specialist Group) will stage a special conference at PRONI to discuss just what happened; unravel Sunningdale’s legacy; and suggest how this relates to our current democratic practice.

Eminent historians, journalists, commentators, archivists and eyewitnesses to the historic period will gather for this event. All members of the public are very welcome to attend.

Further details at

(With thanks to Garth Stewart at PRONI)


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