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Eneclann and NLI workshops in Dublin

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Eneclann and Ancestor Network set up monthly expert workshops in Trinity College Dublin and the NLI.

“Family History is very much a "one-man-band", and opportunities for Continuous Professional Development are hard to come by”.

With this in mind, Eneclann and Ancestor Network have partnered, to create a regular series of expert workshops on key topics. From April 2014, they will hold monthly workshops in Trinity College Dublin, and the National Library of Ireland. Fiona Fitzsimon of Eneclann said, "We developed the workshops to provide a dynamic approach to building skills in Irish family history. Our main aim is to act collaboratively, to share knowledge and methods and create a 'commonwealth of ideas' among family historians."

The workshops kicked off on Thursday 10th April, and Saturday 12th April, with Eneclann's own Fiona Fitzsimons speaking on how to trace records of children raised in care from the 1840s to the 1990s.

On Thursday 24th April 2014, visiting academic Dr. Liz Rushen will present a workshop at the NLI on womens' emigration to Australia in the 1800s. Dr. Rushen a Research Fellow at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, is the former Executive Director of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. She is the author of fifteen books, three of them co-authored with Perry McIntyre - Quarantined (2007); The Merchant's Women (2008) and Fair Game: Australia's first Immigrant Women (2010). Her most recent book, Colonial Duchesses: the migration of Irish Women to New South Wales before the great Famine, will be launched in Ireland in April by the Australian Ambassador.

Liz Rushen’s work focuses on the 1830s to the 1850s. They were decades in which decisive changes took place in the demography of the eastern colonies of Australia. Potential emigrants were attracted to the British government’s schemes, but there were long-lasting tensions between the government’s commitment to imperialism and the wishes of influential colonists for self-determination.  The women immigrants were very often caught in the middle.

The closing date to apply for tickets to Dr. Rushen's workshop is Friday 18th April. These are free events, open to all family historians and independent scholars, but attendance is by ticket only.

To apply email

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