Friday, 13 June 2014

And now it's time for the news where you are...!

Going off on a slight tangent now for a moment...!

Those in the UK who watch the BBC news at 10pm will be familiar with the presenter's final line, "And now for the news where you are" - at which point the channel then cuts from the 'national' news, meaning UK news, to 'local' news. In Scotland and Northern Ireland (not sure about Wales!), this 'local' news is in fact 'national' news also, in the context of covering Scotland or Northern Ireland - in England it instead goes to one of the 'English regions'.

This is James Robertson's hilarious take on what happens next, from a Scottish point of view, but no doubt it will ring true for anyone watching TV in the UK (or anywhere with a similar news set up!).

Keep an ear out for the national and local weather reports at the end...!

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