Monday, 27 June 2016

Canadian Photographic Albums of Settlement 1892-1917

The following collection has been released on Ancestry ( which may be of possible interest to those with Candian connections:

Canada, Photographic Albums of Settlement, 1892-1917

About Canada, Photographic Albums of Settlement, 1892-1917

This collection consists of photographic albums compiled within the Department of the Interior in the period from 1892 to 1917, then maintained in the Immigration Branch of the Department of Mines and Resources from 1936 to 1939. The albums contain photographs primarily taken by photographers John Woodruff and Horatio N. Topley, who were either employed by or on contract to the Department of the Interior, and who undertook a number of journeys in the period from 1903-1914 to complete the photographs in the albums. Included are views relating to agriculture, railroads, ports, cities, and immigration in virtually every province and territory in Canada (excluding Newfoundland).

The photographs have not been indexed but images are available for browsing. At the beginning of each album, you will find a table of contents with a brief description of each photograph and the photograph number. Use these tables to help you browse to the photograph of interest.

The collection is sourced from Library and Archives Canada - Photographic Albums of Canadian Settlement. 47 albums. Department of the Interior Fonds. R190-0-3-E.


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