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Latest updates to The Original Record

The following collections have been added to The Original Record (

Freemen of Dublin
The franchise rolls of the city of Dublin record the admissions of new freemen, by special grace, having served apprenticeship, or as child or son-in-law of a freeman, each fourth Friday after Easter, Midsummer, Michaelmas and Christmas each year.

Charles County, Maryland, Court Minutes
Pages 1 to 34 of Liber A, the first book of Charles County court minutes, from June to December 1658.

Port Phillip Shipping News
From the Shipping Intelligence in the first volume of the Port Phillip Gazette: masters of ships and passengers named in the Arrivals and Departures: 1 January to 3 July 1839

Contributors to Female Missions of the Church of Scotland
Contributions received on behalf of the Ladies' Association for Promoting the Education of Jewish Females; from 30 November 1861 to 30 November 1862

Calcutta University Entrance Examination
The list of candidates passing the entrance examination for Calcutta University is arranged in three divisions, as to merit, and within each division alphabetically, giving name, age (occasionally with month), and school.

Proprietors of Property in England
The Land Registry return of 'Persons about to be registered as Proprietors of Properies with Absolute or Good Leasehold Title' under the Land Transfer Acts of 1875 and 1897 gives: the number of title; county; parish or place; name and short description of the land; whether freehold or leasehold; the full name of the proprietor, with address and description. October 1912.

Births, Marriages, Deaths, Silver and Golden Weddings, In Memoriam
Family announcements of Births; Marriages; Deaths; Golden Weddings; Silver Weddings; In Memoriam (and a special section of In Memoriam on Active Service, mainly remembering deaths in the First World War) appearing in the day's issues of The Times. January 1930

Surname Source Books
13,830 Surnames Available

Collections of entries for individual surnames from historical records from the British Isles and colonies from the 11th to the 20th centuries, hand indexed and extracted by surname, and available as ebook (£75) or DVD (£90). Each ebook contains the full set of descriptions and matching scans for the particular surname from the 10 million and more records hand indexed by All scans are in PDF format.

Each Surname Source Book contains the records relating to the surname in question, gathered from the archives of as of the time of purchase. These archives contain over 10 million surname-indexed items from the British Isles and the colonies, dating from the time of the first heritable surnames in the 11th century, through to 1958.

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