Friday, 25 May 2012

Burns Monument Centre - update

Looks like I got in early at the Kilmarnock based Burns Monument Centre ( in my last few visits!

Until recently the centre charged just 10p each per black and white photocopy for prints from the ScotlandsPeople computer system, but they've now raised the costs to 50p each, though the prints I got today were in colour (and very good quality at that). I had a five page testament dative to print off, which cost just £2.50, compared to the online cost which would have been £5 (bear in mind though that the £5 online cost is a set fee for a testament of unlimited page length, so in many cases advantageous to download it online).

A busy day in Kilmarnock today - I walked past one wedding party on the way into the centre, and walked past another on the way out! A good day to get hitched, and a great environment to do research in!


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