Tuesday 22 May 2012

Jubilee exhibition at Kensington Palace

A note from Kensington Palace:

Jubilee - A view from the crowd
Kensington Palace, W8 4PX
24 May to 04 November 2012

Our temporary exhibition, 'Jubilee: a view from the crowd' will tell the story of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 1897 from the perspective of the millions of people who joined in the festivities, from Duchesses to street sellers.

It will emphasise the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the celebrations - 'Jubilee mania' as one paper described it - focusing on the spectacular procession through London on 22 June 1897 when the Queen, members of the royal family and soldiers from across the globe made their way to a special service of thanks giving at St Paul's Cathedral.

The exhibition will showcase historic items associated with the exuberant Jubilee celebrations, such as items worn by Queen Victoria to souvenirs bought by members of the public. Alongside film, sound and interactive displays, these objects will immerse the visitor in the celebrations of 1897 and bring to life Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

(With thanks to Catherine Steventon from Historic Royal Palaces)


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