Saturday 12 May 2012

Pharos Tutors - Scotland 1750-1850 course

It's filling up fast, but a quick final shout for my Scotland 1750-1850: Beyond the OPRs course which starts next week through Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Ltd. This course takes you prior to Scottish civil registration in 1855 and will hopefully allow you to demolish so many brick walls that you'll think about applying for a demolition certificate as a follow up!

Topics covered include:
  • Kirk Sessions records and parish poor
  • Burgh records and town poor
  • Occupations, taxation and early lists
  • Land transfer and the value of sasines
  • Land, inheritance and estates

In all of these areas Scotland is significantly different to research from the rest of the UK, so this will likely be quite an eye opener if you are only used to using ScotlandsPeople, or have only tackled English, Irish or Welsh research before (or overseas!). Lots of fun and games, though kilts are not supplied!

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For additional Pharos courses on subjects across the UK and beyond, please visit - forthcoming courses include Your Family in Stuart England, Employment Records, Dead and Buried, not Forgotten and So You Think You Know FamilySearch.


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