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Society of Genealogists June & July events

Forthcoming events in June and July at the Society of Genealogists in London (

Fri 1 June
Street Party - Help us celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Join us for cakes and refreshments, Everyone welcome (rsvp not necessary) – flags, crayons etc for the children, 11:00-14:00pm. Please note the library will be closed for research (as normal) this day, but library tours will take place 11:30, 12:15, & 13:00.

Sat 2 June 14:00-17:00
Careers in Genealogy: Report Writing for Clients

The report of the professional research undertaken is your "face" as far as a client is concerned. Find out what needs to be included, what acceptable standards you will need to meet and the various presentation skills required. The report is as important (if not more so) then the research! A half-day course with Ian Waller £17.50/£14.00 Members

Sat 9 Jun 10:30-13:00
Hidden Histories: Finding Unusual Record Collections on Major Websites

Hundreds of thousands of family historians subscribe each year to the commercial data providers but only use a tiny fraction of the resources they offer to subscribers. Ancestry alone has nearly a thousand different databases. This course will explore the lesser known resources, such as directories, Army Lists, lists, death duty and passport registers and show you how they can be useful in your research. We will look at the holdings on both Ancestry and Findmypast as well as on the less known websites including DocumentsOnline, The Genealogist, Origins and FamilyRelatives.

A half-day course with Simon Fowler £17.50/£14.00 Members

Sat 9 Jun 14:00-17:00
My Ancestor was an Apprentice

We all have apprentices amongst our ancestors. They have left many records which can be used to fill in the background to their lives. Stuart Raymond will outline the history of apprenticeship, describe the records available, and give you hands on experience of extracting information from an apprenticeship indenture. Participants in this course will acquire an appreciation of the information that can be found in apprenticeship records, and will know what to look out for in their personal research.

A half-day course with Stuart Raymond £17.50/£14.00 Members

Wed 20 Jun 10:30-11:30
Getting the Most From the Society Catalogue (SOGCAT)

A one-hour lecture with Tim Lawrence, free of charge but must be pre-booked

Sat 30 Jun 10:30-13:00
Family Tree Maker Software for Beginners

This workshop will cover the foundation essentials needed to understand the software program. The course is suitable for beginners and those in need of a “brush-up” before taking the afternoon advanced course.

A half-day course with Mike Bollinger £17.50/£14.00 Members

Sat 30 Jun 14:00-17:00
Family Tree Maker Software for Advanced Users

A half-day course with Mike Bollinger £17.50/£14.00 Members

Sat 7 Jul 10:30-13:00
From Almshouses to Council Houses: The Records of Social Housing

Throughout history social housing has always been an important aspect of our poorer ancestors lives. Almshouse began way back in the late Middle Ages, Council Housing is a 20th century innovation but what about in between. Put the flesh on the bones of your ancestry by finding out more about social housing through the centuries.

A half-day course with Ian Waller £17.50/£14.00

Sat 7 Jul 14:00-17:00
Tracing Huguenot Ancestors

A half-day course with Michael Gandy 17.50/£14.00

Wed 11 Jul 14:00
Tracing Family History in New Zealand

A one hour lecture with Jan Gow £6.00/£4.80

Sat 14 Jul 10:30-1300
Getting the Most Out of the Ancestry Website

A useful course for understanding the very large Ancestry website and how to best use their online finding tools. A half-day course with John Hanson £17.50/14.00

Wed 18 Jul 14:30
Visit: Lincolns Inn

This society of lawyers has a very long history, with premises situated in a tranquil enclave of some 11 acres in central London. “Lincoln’s Inn” thus refers both to the Society and the place. Our group will receive a tour with a registered guide, of the Old Hall, Great Hall and Chapel, and we will be briefed on the history, artwork and the current role of Lincoln’s Inn. £12.00/£10.00

Fri 20 Jul 14:00-16:00 (appx)
Walk: Cemeteries & Burial Grounds in the Financial District. 

With Alec Tritton £10.00/£8.00. Spaces limited

Sat 21 Jul 10:30-13:00
I'm Stuck: Techniques for Localising your Elusive Ancestor

Most family historians reach a point in their research when they are unable to identify their ancestor with certainty. Either they have too many possibilities or no candidate at all. This talk will suggest and illustrate sources and techniques by which possible ancestors may be located and proof found. Personal advice about tackling one's own brick walls can be given on the day.

A half-day workshop with Geoff Swinfield (£17.50/£14.00)

Sat 21 Jul 14:00-1700
Social Networking for Family History, Using Facebook & Setting up a Blog

The digital world is changing; no longer is it sufficient to just put up a static website as there are more people using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking sites than search the Internet daily. The search engines today prefer blogs with regular fresh new content. This creates a challenge to the average family historian wishing to make their genealogies available to the widest audience on the World Wide Web. This lecture will help to explain how these new uses of the Internet can be used for family history and an overview of the latest social networking technologies such as Pinterest & Instagram"

A half-day course with with Alec Tritton £17.50/14.00

Wed 25 Jul 14:00-16:00
Walk: The Battle of Barnet

Our walk will be led by Paul Baker, City of London guide, who will explore the famous battlefield of 1471. We will see how the course of English history was changed on a misty Easter Sunday morning, and hear about the first known ‘friendly fire’ incident in English history. £10.00/£8.00

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