Monday, 12 October 2015

Gordon Honeycombe has died

I've often heard many folk tell me that long before Who Do You Think You Are? first hit the airwaves a previous series, called Family History, had previously tread the same territory (indeed, had invented it!) in the late 1970s, although at that stage I was too busy as a kid watching Tom Baker beat the Daleks! The series presenter of Family History, Gordon Honeycombe, passed away last Friday 9th October 2015.

Family Tree magazine ( has just posted one of the episodes onto its Facebook page. For those who remember it, or for those who are new to the show, here then is a taste of Family History, in tribute to Gordon's efforts at sharing the genie message:

Also available on YouTube at

(With thanks to Family Tree magazine via its Facebook page)


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  1. Grateful thanks to Gordon Honeycombe. I never saw his original TV series but borrowing the book of the series (credit also here to Don Steel) from Newcastle Central Library as a teenager inspired a lifelong love of tracing my own ancestors.

    The book (I now have two copies on my shelves) is still a fascinating read.

  2. Thanks for this post. I, too, credit Honeycombe and Steel with my early education in genealogy through the book based on this series. It's lovely to finally see some of the series. Perhaps more new genealogists should be shown the series so they can learn the basics of good research, even if it is outdated in techniques.