Thursday, 29 October 2015

More on forthcoming English and Welsh 1939 register release

A couple of days ago I announced the forthcoming release of the English and Welsh 1939 National Identity Register on FindmyPast (see In the comments below this post I was asked what the following meant in the FindmyPast press release - "The Register is free to search but there is a charge to view the records". A further announcement from FindmyPast has just answered that point:

From Monday 2nd November, it will be free to search the register and to preview the transcript that includes the person’s name, year of birth, town and county of residence. In addition, you’ll be able to see how many other people lived in the house at the time and how many of them are closed due to being younger than 100 years old and still alive.

This will help you to confirm if you’ve found the right person and then you can choose to unlock the record. Unlocking will give you all of the additional information such as address, dates of birth, occupations and marital statuses of everyone that lived there, plus the original record image, maps, newspapers and exclusive photos of the time.

More news as it comes...


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