Wednesday, 14 October 2015

No WDYTYA episode on this week

There is no edition of Who Do You Think You Are? on BBC1 this week - the final edition, with Frances de la Tour, will be back again next week.

Incidentally, last night I caught an edition of the US version of the series, featuring actress America Ferrera, who played Betty in the series Ugly Betty). An absolutely brilliant episode, as she tried to trace her great grandfather, a general in Honduras, with only one appalling moment - the really blatantly shoe-horned in product placement bit with Ancestry. Thank God our version does not do that! Nevertheless, one of the best episodes I have seen from any version in a long time. The US version is currently being shown on Watch (with Watch+1 an option if you are an hour late!)

A quick word also on last week's UK episode on Mark Gatiss - a great programme, though I did think the vampire section went a bit off tangent for a few moments, as there was only one folklore story raised by Gatiss' ancestor, and it definitely wasn't that one! But great to see PRONI and Norn Iron in all its glory, and especially good to see Bill MacAfee make an appearance (check out his brilliantly useful website at

And go visit PRONI ( - you'll love it!


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