Tuesday 14 February 2012

Irish genealogy show nominated for award

Congratulations to Irish Gaelic medium RTE series Cé A Chónaigh I Mo Theachsa? (Who Lived in my House?) for its nomination as best Factual Entertainment series in the forthcoming Celtic Media Awards. The full list of nominees is available at www.celticmediafestival.co.uk/11,29/the_festival/shortlist/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Shortlist+Announcement&utm_content=Shortlist+Announcement+CID_867cef6d0293b480efbd470cd57b31ec&utm_source=Email+marketing+software&utm_term=here

(And a special good luck also to a former colleague of mine, Hedda MacLeod, for her Belarus edition of Eòrpa in the Current Affairs category - first series I worked on when I moved to Scotland in 1997, and still the best team of programme makers on the planet!)

(With thanks to @Gaelicsinger on Twitter)


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