Friday 17 February 2012

Update from Durham Records Online

The followng are the latest developments and releases from Durham Records Online (

New search filter for Spouse in Burial Records 
The site has added a new search filter for the Spouse in Burial records. This means you can now filter your search results further and zero in on the record you want. For example, let’s say you run a search for the burial of a woman named Jane Wanless, but you get 10 or 20 results. Now you can add the first name of her husband “Johnson” as Spouse’s First Name and run your search again; this time, you will see only one record, that of “Jane Wanless, wife of Johnson Wanless”. This filter has been available for marriages for a long time, but we have just made it available in burials (including cemetery registers). Also, you don’t have to use a surname for this search.

Whitburn baptisms & burials 1813-1852 
1,174 baptisms and 793 burials at Whitburn St. Mary in South Shields district, covering 1813-1852, from the parish register.

Denton baptisms & burials 1765-1812 
656 baptisms and 262 burials at Denton St. Mary, a chapelry of Gainford parish, in Darlington district, covering 1765-1812, from the Bishop’s Transcript with lots of checking against the original register.

Hartlepool Christ Church marriage banns 1893-1898 
97 marriage banns called at Christ Church, West Hartlepool, but not married here.

Durham St. Nicholas baptisms 1787-1797
598 baptisms at St. Nicholas in the city of Durham, covering 1787-1797. Abodes were not given in this period here, with a few exceptions for people who lived outside the parish. However, birth dates were given in most of these baptisms.

Tynemouth baptisms 1813-1817 
2,976 baptisms at Christ Church in Tynemouth parish, Northumberland, covering 1813-1817.

Newcastle All Saints marriages 1822-1829 
1,707 marriages at All Saints in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1822-1829, from the Bishop’s Transcript.

Coming soon: 
South Shields baptisms & burials 1763-1797
Gateshead East Cemetery burials 1907-1909
Aycliffe baptisms & burials 1813-1877
Amendments to Robinson's Lane baptisms 1727-1797 
Auckland St. Andrew baptisms & burials 1820-1851
Penshaw baptisms & burials 1831-1835

(With thanks to Holly Cochran)


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