Wednesday 15 February 2012

RAF Squadron Operations Records online

The National Archives has placed records from AIR27 online, the Squadron Operations Records of the RAF held within the Air Ministry collection. The records are accessible from Documents Online, and searchable by squadron number and date range - most records start in the 1930s, though there are some earlier entries.

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(With thanks again to @sheenatait)



  1. Very disappointing, not much there at all. Such a let down as I hoped I could do some serious filling in of gaps. Squadrons 2780, 2876 and 277 bring up no records at all.

  2. You need AIR 29 for ORBS for the RAF Regiment.

    See AIR 29/94 for 2780 - "2780 Field Squadron RAF Regiment, Penrhos (UK); moved to Grantham 30 September 1942; moved to Boulmer 26 Octyober 1942, with detachment at Brighton; became Anti-Aircraft squadron 17 May 1943, with detachments at Charterhall, Millfield; moved to Hartford Bridge 10 August 1943; moved to Boscombe Down 29 September 1943, with detachment at Smith's Lawn Windsor; disbanded 31 March 1945; includes misfile of 2782 Anti-Aircraft Squadron, Sullom Voe May 1945; moved to Thornaby 17 June 1945; disbanded 1 July 1945."