Friday 24 February 2012

Jewish society at WDYTYA Live

From the Jewish Genealogy Society of Great Britain (

JGSGB to offer Jewish genealogical help at WDYTYA – Live! Exhibition 

If you have Jewish ancestry, or suspect that you may have, drop in on Stand 141-142 in the National Hall at the WDYTYA – Live exhibition this weekend, where the Jewish Genealogy Society of Great Britain (JGSGB) will be dispensing help and advice for the duration of the show. JGSGB experts will be manning the stand in relays of six at a time. Come along and chat – they may look terrifying but they’re quite friendly really.

As the only Jewish family history society in the UK, the JGSGB has unique expertise in Jewish genealogy, both in the UK and internationally. Being able to take advantage of experience in overseas research is vital to many Jewish family historians, whose ancestors are more likely than not to originate from Poland, Germany, or Russia, among others.

Other items of interest to Jewish researchers will include demonstrations of the JGSG’s 20,000-name online database of mid-nineteenth century UK Jews; demonstration of the genealogical archives of the Gibraltar Jewish Community of mainly Sephardic Jews, recently exclusively released to the JGSGB’s online database at JCR-UK; and a selection of free notes and help sheets on Jewish genealogical research. This is also where you can buy a wide range of specialist books and pamphlets, some published by the JGSGB itself. And who could resist a JGSGB mug, exclusively available for cash?

(With thanks to James Taylor)


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