Monday 27 February 2012

WDYTYA Live 2012 - Part 3: the pics!

It was the Titanic theme this year for FindmyPast's Amy Sell

Chris Halliday from Scotland's Genealogy had a good event

It's the Blatchfords!

Deceased Online help in the search for bodies...

Nigel Bayley at The Genealogist stand

He's regenerated! A new editor for Your Family Tree magazine in the form of top bloke Adam Rees

My book becomes a poster boy...

Laura Berry from Your Family History - didn't quite agree with me that an article on the use of Ouija boards in ancestral research would really work...(thankfully! lol)

An umbrella with a really big hole at the top

Brian Mitchell on the RootsIreland stand

A few quiet moments before the Welsh rugby match gets underway...

God comes from Norn Iron. These are his friends...!

Rosalind McCutcheon gives an Irish lecture in the SoG regional studio

Some hay. In case the horses got hungry...

FlipPal - flip me, it was popular...

Helen Osborn holds the line at the Pharos Tutors stall

Kirsty Wilkinson from My Ain Folk braving a cold at her first WDYTYA event

The Titanic - built by Ulstermen, sunk by an Englishman. Oh sorry, the captain of the FindmyPastic, sister ship! :)

Helen Tovey and team at Family Tree magazine

Miriam Silverman and colleague from Ancestry

Queue for my Irish talk on Saturday - moving so fast it was a blur (not dodgy photography at all)

Society of Genealogists advice area - great fun



  1. Wow - looks like this was immense fun as well as educational! And, I took a few notes of the vendors, looking them up on the web - here in Canada I'm not to up on some of the Irish and English resources (yet)! Thanks for sharing, Chris.

  2. Thanks Chris. The Pics have brought the event alive for me.