Friday 10 February 2012

North American Manx Association

I've just come across a blog that might be of interest to those with Isle of Man connections. The North American Manx Association blog is located at

The following is the group's description of itself, as noted on the blog:

"The North American Manx Association (NAMA) is a non-profit, ethnic and cultural heritage institution that was founded in 1928. Most of NAMA's 850 active members are second and third-generation North American. In the U.S., there are chapters in Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; Rocky Mountain; Galva, Illinois; the Greater Washington, D.C. area; Minnesota; Nebraska; Northern California; Utah, San Diego, California; and Wisconsin. In Canada, you will find Manx groups in Ontario and in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"NAMA is interested in helping Manx in all areas get in touch with local chapters or assisting those who want to start new chapters.

" is linked to many regional societies. NAMA publishes the quarterly NAMA Bulletin, sent to each of its enrolled members. We're on Facebook at North American Manx Association and NAMA YOUTH.

"Every two years we hold a Convention, the next is in Platteville, WI in 2012, the Isle of Man in 2014 and D.C. in 2016. At each Convention we present the NAMA Youth Award for under 21s which includes a $250 prize. For more details go to Facebook NAMA Youth or email:"


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