Wednesday 15 February 2012

Titanic workers to remain anonymous?

A blow to those, who like me, had ancestors who worked on the Titanic during its construction in Northern Ireland. Three weeks ago I contacted the Titanic Belfast experience, due to open in April, to ask about facilities to be made available at the new exhibition as part of research for an article for a magazine. Amongst its new offerings I was told there would be an area that would include facilities to help those who worked on the vessel. Over three weeks since contacting them (and with the article now having gone to print!), I have now just received an email from their press department in response to a request for images, which unfortunately includes the following statement:

Titanic Belfast will include a list of all the passengers on board the ship. Unfortunately we are not aware of it including a list of Harland and Wolff workers. I imagine this would be hard to come by as there were over 35,000 men employed there at its height.

To say I am a bit hacked off is probably an understatement. At present I am unclear as to whether this means there isn't such a facility, or just that the PR person isn't aware of one. I hope to go over myself to see the centre when it opens, so will let you know what I find there when I do.

Not very impressed...!


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  1. I came across your article while looking for the same answers. I too have an Irish relative that worked on the Titanic. This ofcourse can only be confirmed by written documents. I wish you well in your search!