Thursday 29 March 2012

Forthcoming Society of Genealogists events

With thanks to Lori Wenstein of the Society of Genealogists for the following lists of events at the society's library in April and May. To book a place, visit or contact the events department at 020 7553 3290 or by email at :

Sat 14 Apr 10:30-13:00 Family Historian Software for Beginners
This program has a number of innovative features and is geared for the British market. The course will give you an overview of the program as well a discussion about the soon to be released version 5. Please note this course has been rescheduled from 3 March.
A half-day Course with John Hanson £17.50

Sat 14 Apr 14:00-17:00 My Ancestor Came From Dorset: Those That Stayed and Those That Went
We will look at what resources are available, where to find them and how to use them, why some people left Dorset and others stayed.
A Half-day course with Jane Ferentzi-Sheppard £17.50

Wed 18 Apr 14:00 Lost Voices from the Titanic
An exploration of the Titanic and look at the impact on those who escaped the disaster, and what became of them in the ensuing years.
A one-hour lecture with Nick Barratt £6.00

Sat 21 Apr 10:30-17:00 Further Sources for Tracing London Ancestors
This full-day course will consist of four sessions, Internet Sources (Peter Christian), Heraldry (Geoff Swinfield), Apprenticeships (Richard Harvey) and London immigration records within the Society of Genealogists collections (Else Churchill), with breaks for lunch (not provided) and tea.

Wed 25 Apr 14:00 The Matchwomen's Strike of 1888 and Their Place in History
In July 1888, fourteen hundred women employed by the matchmakers Bryant and May went on strike, protesting against poor working conditions and the dismissal of a fellow worker. Based on her book of the same name, Louise Raw will speak about the women involved.
A one-hour lecture, £6.00

Sat 28 Apr 10:30 Genealogy in Early British Censuses 1086-1841
There are dozens of pre-1841 censuses, dating back to the Domesday Survey of 1086 including government and church censuses, manorial and tax records and many more. You will learn more about these resources, where to find them and how to use them.
Half-day course with Colin Chapman £17.50

Sat 28 Apr 11:15 Free Library Tour, approximately 1.5 hours. Spaces limited, must be pre-booked through the library: 020 7702 5484, or email:

Sat 5 May 10:30-13:00 Genealogy Software for Macintosh Computers
There has been overwhelming interest in the Reunion package but the tutor can provide short demonstrations of most other software packages providing the request is made in advance (upon booking).
A half-day course with Tim Powys-Lybbe £17.50

Sat 5 May 14:00-17:00 Tracing East Anglian Ancestors
This course covers how to find resources in the traditional counties of East Anglia - Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex. Gill will outline the basics and go into detail of less well known avenues of research. For those researching outside of the area, a number of the topics covered will include skills which transfer to other parts of the country, which have similar elements to their history.
A half-day course with Gill Blanchard £17.50

Sat 12 May 10:30-13:00 How to Get the Most from Family Pictures
This full-day course is a visual Power Point presentation that provides an in-depth guide to dating, analysing and understanding all types of family portraits, from inherited paintings, drawings and silhouettes, to Victorian studio photographs and 20th century snapshots. Accurate dating is essential when trying to identify and discover more about unlabelled family pictures and the course demonstrates how to establish an accurate time frame, using a variety of techniques and research tools. It also discusses the portrait tradition and considers the historical context in which artworks and, later, photographs were commissioned: what did these special pictures mean to our ancestors and how should we interpret them? You are welcome to submit up to three photographs for analysis, please enquire upon booking for more information.
A full-day course with Jayne Shrimpton £30.00

Wed 16 May 14:00 Mapping Rich and Poor: Charles Booth's Enquiry into London Life and Labour
This talk will concentrate on how Charles Booth began the ‘Enquiry into London Life and Labour’ in 1886 and the final publication which ran to 17 volumes. With the help of a team of investigators, he filled 450 notebooks with information regarding the living conditions and the working and social lives of Victorian Londoners. The Enquiry also produced the Maps Descriptive of London Poverty which assign each street in London (outside of the City) a colour based on its ’social condition’. This talk is a must for anyone researching their family or local history in London.
A one-hour lecture with Sue Donnelly £6.00

Sat 19 May 10:30-13:00 Family History for Beginners & Refreshers
This full-day course is aimed at beginners to genealogy who have little prior knowledge of the basic sources. It is also suitable for those who wish to refresh their skills and learn how to access the records and their indexes online. Each session will provide a background to the records and demonstrate how they can be used to their best advantage through the internet.
A full-day course with Geoff Swinfield £30.00

Wed 23 May 14:00 Postman's Park & GF Watts Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice
Located amidst the hustle and bustle of the City of London, Postman’s Park not only provides a peaceful oasis of calm but also contains a unique and remarkable monument. The Watts Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice, created in 1900 by the Victorian artist G. F. Watts, commemorates sixty-two individuals, all of whom lost their own life while attempting to save another. Men, women and children are all represented on this beautiful and extraordinary testament to the Victorian idea of everyday heroism. This lecture will document the full and fascinating history of the monument, look in more detail at some of those who feature upon it and contextualise their memorialisation within the wider social and cultural history of Victorian London.
A one-hour lecture with John Price £6.00

Sat 26-May 10:30-13:00 Family Historian Software for Advanced Users
Family Historian is one of the UK's leading family history packages packed with features. This half day session will look at some of the advanced features in the program. It is designed for those that already have some knowledge of the program, but if you are having a problem then why not bring it along to be solved.
A half-day course with John Hanson £17.50

Sat 26 May 14:00-17:00 Research Your Surname & Your Family Tree
Find out about the origin of your surname and how this applies to your family history research. With Dr Graeme Davis, author, editor, academic researcher and associate lecturer with the Open University. He is a specialist in Mediaeval Language and Literature.
A half-day course with Graeme Davis £17.50

Sat 26 May 11:15 Free Library Tour, approximately 1.5 hours.
Spaces limited, must be pre-booked through the library: 020 7702 5484, or email:

Wed 30 May 14:00 What Did Your Ancestors Do?
Sadly there is no definitive list of every agricultural labourer in the country. However in certain circumstances we can glean genealogical information from the records relating to our ancestors work. From sources for professional people, to employees of the state to apprentices and freemen there is much that, if you are lucky, will help you in your research. The Society of Genealogists Library has a considerable array of source material on its professions, trades and occupations shelves and much of the talk will be based on what can be found at the Society as well as online and in local archives.
A one-hour lecture with Else Churchill £6.00


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