Wednesday 14 March 2012

National Archives website survey

This one's a bit odd - the National Archives has asked people to fill out a survey on its website about the site - whether you like it, how it can be improved, etc. It's a bit odd, because in a couple of weeks time the new Discovery service should be going live, and it will dramatically affect how you relate to the site. The catalogue will be completely replaced, Documents Online will be integrated into it due course and much more, completely transforming the user experience. So the timing is a bit unusual, although the survey looks across the site at various aspects, not just the catalogue.

Details for the survey are available at


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  1. They probably want to demonstrate that the changes that they are about to introduce have "made a difference" - so they need a base-line measurement for comparison?

  2. Possibly - but I assume if they felt the need for change they may already have had some information on which to base those changes!