Monday 19 March 2012

Genealogists for Families - Kiva free trial

News from Judy Webster of Genealogists for Families (see link at top of this blog):

"Right now there is a 'free trial' offer that lets people join Kiva and make a $25 loan without it costing them anything. The founder of LinkedIn is currently sponsoring free $25 trial loans by new users. When I checked a moment ago there were still 9,000 free loans available. Details are on"

Genealogists for Families allows you to make small loans to businesses starting up around the world through the Kiva platform - when a loan is repaid you can claim the money back or reinvest to another worthy cause. Please do consider signing up!

(With thanks to Judy)


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  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Chris. I've noticed a few British family historians joining Kiva during this 'free trial' period, and some have also joined our team. I wonder whether any chose a particular borrower for reasons as interesting as yours.