Thursday 15 March 2012

One million burials at Durham Records Online

Congratulations to Durham Records Online ( for reaching a major milestone:

What's New at Durham Records Online:

1,000,000th Burial !!!

Durham Records Online is celebrating our millionth burial going online ! With the advent of the Stanley Cemetery collection, our count of burial records (church burials plus cemetery registers) passed the 1,000,000 mark. Here is burial number 1,000,000 (at Stanley Cemetery):
  • 31 Jul 1901 John Smith Hope, of 24 Jubilee Terrace, Ox Hill, age: 14

Our burial collection now numbers 1,006,929. I must say, when we launched this site in Nov 2003 with several hundred thousand parish records (covering only Easington district) and several hundred thousand census households, we never thought we’d ever have over 3.6 million records, covering most of the county, to offer our customers. We are grateful to our collaborators for continuing to provide high-quality data, and to our customers for recognizing its value and purchasing it ! If you’ve found our site helpful, be sure to mention it in the genealogy forums you frequent, so we can help more people find their Northeast England ancestors.

Other releases:

Stanley Cemetery burials 1891-1977
8,384 burials at Stanley Cemetery between Stanley and Beamish in Lanchester district. Burials in the Old Section are from the opening of the cemetery in Nov 1891 to May 1977. The New Section opened in May 1914 and burials in the Old Section tailed off rapidly after the 1920s. Our transcription of the New Section runs to 20 May 1932, and we have annotated burials in this section with “buried in the New Section”. 

Bishopwearmouth: Bethel Chapel (Congregational) baptisms & burials
At Bethel Chapel on Villiers Street in Bishopwearmouth, a nonconformist Congregationalist (or Independent) chapel:
233 baptisms covering 1811 to 1 Aug 1837 404 burials from November 1826 to May 1854 (these are all the burials that ever occurred at this site)

Marriage bonds 1827-1828
984 marriage bonds filed in 1827 and 1828 in the Diocese of Durham. These are brand new, not previously in our bond index.

Whitburn and Gateshead Fell marriage witnesses added
  • added 998 witnesses to our 494 marriages at Gateshead Fell St. John, from the start of that parish in 1825 to the beginning of civil registration on 1 July 1837. Also added one marriage we missed the first time around.
  • added 308 witnesses to our 106 marriages at Whitburn St. Mary from the start of 1813 to the beginning of civil registration on 1 July 1837. We now have the witnesses transcribed for all Whitburn marriages, from when witnesses started appearing in 1754 to mid-1837.
If you previously purchased a marriage at Whitburn or Gateshead Fell in this period, you can now view the witnesses by clicking My Previous Orders and reviewing the marriage.

There is a new option in the dropdown menu for "Sort results by" on the search form. Choose Last Name to sort your results by surname. This is useful when you are researching a name that has several variant spellings and you want to see all the names grouped by spelling.

Coming soon:
  • South Shields baptisms & burials 1771-1797
  • Hartlepool Cemetery (Spion Kop) burials 1856-60
  • Aycliffe baptisms & burials 1813-1877
  • amendments to Robinson's Lane baptisms 1727-1797
  • Auckland St. Andrew baptisms & burials 1820-1851
  • Penshaw baptisms & burials 1831-1835

(With thanks to Holly Cochran)


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