Saturday 10 March 2012

Women of Scotland project relaunches

The Women of Scotland project has relaunched today, which aims to commemorate the role of women in Scottish society. From the project website at

All over Scotland, in towns, villages and in the countryside, there are many types of memorials, large and small, commemorating the lives and achievements of women. Some names are well known, others have been forgotten. All the women have contributed in some way to the life of the country we know today. 

The Women of Scotland website was set up to record this information and make it available to all, and we need your help to find these memorials. Perhaps you know of a memorial to a woman in your area that hasn’t been marked on our map? Or maybe you know the story behind a name? 

We need you to find the monuments, landmarks, street names and buildings that mark the lives and achievements of women (whether famous, humble or notorious) who helped to shape Scotland.

The project's partners are Women's History Scotland, Glasgow Women's Library & Girlguiding Scotland. Don't forget to check out the Glasgow Women's Library site also at, with the library now based beside the Mitchell Library.

(With thanks to @womenofscotland via Twitter) 


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