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Durham Records Online update

The latest releases from Durham Records Online (

Durham St. Oswald burials 1537-1749

7,955 burials at St. Oswald's in the city of Durham, from the start of the first burial register in Dec 1537 to the end of 1749, joining up with 1750-1868 which we already had online.

Residences mentioned include Aldin Grange/Aldernage, Alton/Auton Stile, Arbor House, the Bailey, Baxter Wood, Bent House, Borne Hall (Burnhall), Branspeth/Brancepeth, Brome/Broom, Brome Hall or Broomhall, Butterbie/Butterby, Croxdale, Elvet, Farewell Hall, Fenckley/Finkhall/or Finchale, Flass, Hodgmore, Houghall, Langley, New Elvet, North Bailey, Old Durham, Old Elvet, Ordshowse, Relly, Sherburn House, Shinckcliff/Shincliffe, Sonderland/Sunderland, Sunderland Bridge, Southern Closes, St. Margaret's chapelry, the parish of St. Nicholas, Stotgate, Toddey/Tudda/Tudhoe, White House, and Whitwell House.

Whitworth baptisms & burials 1569-1764

1,250 baptisms from the start of the first register in 1569 to the end of 1764
545 burials from the start of the first register in 1570 to the end of 1764
Abodes mentioned include Biarsgreen or Byers Green, Bishops Close, Coundon, Croxdale, High Old Park, Low House, Newfield, Old Park, Ox Close, Pedgbank (Page Bank), Spennymoor House, Tudhoe, and Whitworth.

Whitley Chapel (Hexham) baptisms & burials 1875-1899

222 baptisms and 357 burials covering 1875-1899 at Whitley Chapel near Hexham in Hexham district, Northumberland. Whitley Chapel was originally a chapelry in the ancient parish of Hexham, but it became a separate parish in 1763, with its church dedicated to St. Helen.

Abodes mentioned include Brunt Rigg or Burnt Ridge, Channel Well, Dalton, Dotland, Dukesfield Hall, Earthly Mires, Fine Chambers, Gairshield, High Ardley, High Eshells, High Juniper, Holly Bush Close, Houtley, Juniper, Lane House, Lee Moor House, Lillswood, Litterage or Litharge, Mire House, Mollersteads, Nunsbrough, Oak Field House, Ordley, Peth Foot, Raw Green, Salmon Field, Smelting Syke, Tenter House, The Lee, The Steel, and Walley Thorn.

Tynemouth burials 1841-1850

5,954 burials at Christ Church, Tynemouth, Northumberland, covering 1841-1850.

We are grateful to the vicar who, going far beyond the call of duty, recorded the names of both parents of deceased children, fathers' occupations, husbands of deceased women (and often their occupations), and sometimes the cause of death or a reference to another burial of a family member. He also had the unusual habit of sometimes recording where the deceased was born or where they had previously lived.

Whittonstall baptisms & burials 1852-1880

Expanding our collection at Whittonstall St. Philip & St. James, we have added 231 baptisms and 216 burials from this church, covering 1852 through 1880. We now have baptisms and burials at this church from the start of the first register in 1774 to the end of 1880.

Whittonstall parish is in the Hexham district of Northumberland, just across the River Tyne from the County Durham parish of Ebchester, so many families can be found moving back and forth. Residences mentioned include Apperley Bank, Blackhill in Benfieldside (Durham), Bywell St. Peter, Ebchester Bridge End, Fairle or Fairle-may, Fell Close, Grey Mare Hill, Hedley, Highfield, Hindley, Hood's Close, Morrow-field, Newlands, Park House, Seldom Seen, Walkershank, West End, Whittonstall, and Wood House.

Coming Soon:
  • Tynemouth baptisms 1833-1849
  • early Hamsterley records
  • Durham St. Oswald marriages 1538-1700
  • Ovingham burials 1798-1840
  • South Shields St. Hilda baptisms 1869-1879

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