Saturday, 5 March 2016

Genie Hero - Cyndi Ingle for Cyndi's List

Congratulations to Cyndi Ingle for twenty years dedicated work on the ultimate genealogical resource listings site, Cyndi's List (!!!

If you have yet to use Cyndi's site, it is the ultimate directory covering just about anything and everything of interest in the world of genealogy, worked on day in and day out by Cyndi to keep links up to date and to add new links as and when she finds them.

For those who do use her site, I'd also suggest following Cyndi on Facebook at - not only is she one of the most clued up folk out there, but in the genealogy world she is also one of the funniest! I had the pleasure to meet Cyndi (as well as her mum and son!) on an Unlock the Past cruise last year, and she was great company, and great craic!

So here you go Cyndi, I haven't issued one of these in a while, but you've just become a British GENES Genie Hero! :)
(I can hear the reaction now - "pffft!")


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