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Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors
On the outbreak of the War of the Austrian Succession against various European powers, there was a muster in Rhode Island for the defence of the colony, and privateers were manned to harry Spanish, and later French, shipping. Howard M Chapin compiled this comprehensive list of soldiers and sailors from the surviving records.

Masters of Merchantmen
The movements of British and foreign ships in Britain and abroad are recorded as Ship News in the London newspapers: these are the entries from January to June 1757.

Subscribers to The Neighbourhood of Heslington
'The Neighbourhood of Heslington, (Near York,) A Rural Poem. Humbly Dedicated to Henry Yarburgh, Esq. By Charles Atkinson' was published with the help of a few dozen subscribers, doubtless mostly local to Heslington. The subscription list is mostly of the form 'Smith, Mr.', only occasionally giving christian name or address.

Tradesmen and Professionals in Leith
'An Alphabetical Arrangement of the Noblemen, Private Gentlemen, Merchants, Traders, and Others, with their Residence'. Full names are usually given, surname first, with address, including house number where appropriate.

Masters and Passengers of Ships Arriving at and Departing from Port Phillip
From the Shipping Intelligence in the first volume of the Port Phillip Gazette: masters of ships named in the Arrivals and Departures: 12 October to 31 December 1838

Supporters of the Madras Civil Orphan Asylum
The list of donors and subscribers to the Madras Civil Orphan Asylum, up to 30 June 1860, gives surnames and initials: whether the sum was subscribed annually (anly.) or monthly (mly.) or consisted of donation(s) (don.), in rupees, annas and pies.

Petroleum Licences: London
Under the provisions of the Petroleum Act of 1871, the London Metropolitan Board of Works was given the power to grant annual licences to the owners of premises which had been inspected and certified as fit for the storage of petroleum. The lists state parish or district; name (surname first); case number; address (including house number); quantity to be kept, in gallons, and the nature of the storage facility. July to December 1875.

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