Wednesday 3 August 2016

Forces War Records to make 4 POW records collections free

From Forces War Records (

Forces War Records will be making 4 POW collections FREE to search…

In remembrance of the surrender of Japan on 14th August 1945, we’re releasing our POW collections (two of which you won’t find anywhere else online).

The following record collections will be completely FREE to search from 13th - 15th August; highlighted on those days by a ‘FREE TO SEARCH’ icon here:

* Imperial Prisoners of War Held in Japan (Exclusive to Forces War Records)
* Korea – British Army Prisoners of War
* Imperial Prisoners of War Held in Italy (Exclusive to Forces War Records)
* Prisoners of War of the British Empire Held in Germany


MEET OUR POW EXPERT: Tim Hayhoe, his inside story on Japanese POW camps
PLUS: EXTRACTED FROM OUR ARCHIVE: ‘Prisoner of War’ Journals

Download from here.

(With thanks to Jennifer Holmes)


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