Friday, 8 December 2017

Latest updates to the Irish Newspaper Archive

From the Irish Newspaper Archive (

The world's oldest and largest Irish Newspaper Archives continues to grow. We have updated the archive with the following new content:
  • The Belfast Newsletter 1939 - 1949
  • The Drogheda Independent 1884 - 1891 + 1905
  • The Dundalk Democrat 2000 - 2001

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Learn more on the origins of the newspapers below:

The Drogheda Independent Archive
The Drogheda Independent was established in 1884 and offers over 133 years of Irish history. The Drogheda Independent was closely linked with the Land League movement and identified itself with the plight of the small farmer.

The Belfast Newsletter Archive
The Belfast Newsletter was the first newspaper published in Belfast [and in Ulster] and the oldest surviving newspaper in Ireland. The Belfast Newsletter was established over 250 years ago in 1738 by Mr. Francis Joy. The original title was The Belfast Newsletter and General Advertiser, its first issue was in a single sheet-form.

The Dundalk Democrat Archive
The Dundalk Democrat was established in 1849 by Mr. Joseph A. Cartan. The paper was originally produced from a hotel owned by the Cartan family. Cartan was a staunch nationalist and pro- O’Connell supporter.

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