Tuesday 8 May 2018

MyHeritage webinar with Gilad Japhet

From MyHeritage (www.myheritage.com):

MyHeritage's CEO has appeared in a webinar detailing how he originally caught the genealogy “bug” and the journey of how he started MyHeritage and recruited the team. Filled with personal anecdotes, he includes key milestones and learnings along the way including the intriguing story of a 70-year-old mystery that he considers the highlight of his genealogy experiences.

He also explains the background of the Legacy acquisition and highlights new things coming up for Legacy Family Tree, its webinar series and MyHeritage.

Gilad discloses some scoops – including new features that MyHeritage is working on, that will be released later this year.

The webinar can be viewed at https://familytreewebinars.com/download.php?webinar_id=791

(With thanks to Daniel Horowitz)


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