Friday 1 November 2019

Irish Newspaper Archive launches Radical Newspaper Archive

From the Irish Newspaper Archive (

The world's oldest and largest Irish Newspaper Archives continues to grow. We have updated the archive with the following new content:

Cork Evening Echo 1960 - 1968

Missing Periods:
Kilkenny People 2005
Nationalist and Munster Advertiser 2005

Archive News:

For over a decade we have announced the release of some magnificent Irish titles to our archive however never before have we announced the release of a new product. The team at Irish Newspaper Archives are proud to release a special collection of Irish political and radical publications that offer a voice to the marginalised left in Ireland during the early 20th century. Read more on our new archive

You can now subscribe to both archives with our Gold Membership subscription and for this spooky Halloween weekend you can get 35% off this fantastic collection.

COMMENT: The following titles are available on the new website:

An Geadal
Poblacht na h-Eireann ( Scot. Ed.)
Poblacht na h-Eireann ( Sth. Ed.)
Poblacht na h-Eireann ( War. Ed.)
An Saogal Gaedealac
An T-Óglác
Belfast Labour Chronicle
Belfast Strike Bulletin
Bottom Dog
Daily Sheet
Dublin Sheet
Dublin Strike News
Éire Ireland
Éire The Irish Nation
Election Buletin
Sligo-Leitrim Liberator
Fianna Fail Bulletin
Free State 1922
Ireland Overall
Irish An Arim
Irish Citizen Army Bulletin
Irish Democrat
Irish Freedom
Irish Nation
Irish Opinion
Irish Statesman
Irish War News
Irish Workers Weekly
Labour News
Long War Sheet
New Ireland
Notes from Ireland
Old Ireland
Prison Bars
Republican Congress
Republican Review
Repubican War Bulletin
Scissors & Paste
Sinn Fein
Sinn Fein Daily
Sinn Fein Weekly
Straight Talk
The Blueshirts
The Dalcassian
The Dublin Trade & Labour Journal
The Eye-Opener
The Facionist
The Felon Setter
The Fenian
The Freeman
The Harp
The Harp New York
The Hibernian
The Irish Bulletin
The Irish Citizen
The Irish Exile
The Irish Front
The Irish Hammer & Plough
The Irish Nation
The Irish Peasent
The Irish People
The Irish People War Special
The Irish Volunteer
The Irish Worker
The Irish Workers Voice
The Irishman
The Labour Opposition
The Land
The National Democrat
The Liberator & Irish Trade Unionist
The Nation
The National Democrat
The National Volunteer
The Nationalist
The Needle
The New Way
The Northern Patriot
The Peasant
The Pheonix
The Pioneer
The Plain People
The Red Flag
The Red Hand Magazine
The Republic
The Republican File
The Republic
The Separatist
The Shan Van Vocht
The Sinn Feiner
The Southern Bulletin
The Spark
The Star
The Student
The Toiler
The Torch
The Tribune
The Unionist
The United Irishman
The Voice of Labour
The Watchword
The Watchword of Labour
The Weekly Summary
The Wolfe Tone Weekly
The Women Worker
The Worker
The Worker Republic
Truth that is News
Truth War Issue
United Ireland
Workers Bulletin
Young Ireland

(With thanks to Andrew Martin)


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