Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Quincentennial of George Wishart 1513-2013 - conference

From reader Scott Wishart:

I am writing to tell you about a one-day conference being held on 30th August 2013 in St. Andrews to commemorate the five-hundredth anniversary of the birth of George Wishart, who as you probably know, was one of the earliest voices in the Reformation in Scotland. The event has been organised to asses the role that George played during his short life and will bring together six key researchers of the period to discuss their latest findings and thoughts.

The six speakers are:

Professor Alec Ryrie (Durham University) "The background to the Reformation"

Professor Ian Hazlett (Glasgow University) "Wishart and the Swiss Confession of Faith"

Professor Martin Dotterweich (King University, USA) "Wishart & England"

Professor Bill Naphy (University of Aberdeen) "Wishart and the Reformed/Calvinist Movement"

Professor Roger Mason (University of St. Andrews) "Wishart and St. Andrews"

Professor Jane Dawson (University of Edinburgh) "Knox and Wishart: Elijah's Mantle"

In addition to the conference, the organisers have also drawn up a social programme over the weekend that includes a wine reception, dinner, a whisky tasting by well known whisky writer David Wishart, golf, a tour of St. Andrews and a church service in memory of George Wishart at Holy Trinity Church, where he is known to have preached. Everyone is welcome to attend, and anyone named Wishart might be especially interested in becoming part of the largest ever gathering of Wisharts assembled in the UK, with individuals quite literally travelling from all corners of the globe. For more information and booking details please see the St. Andrews University website:

If you could put the word out about the conference on your blog that would be fantastic. You may also be interested to know that George himself has 'returned' for his birthday and is posting his thoughts on 21st Century life on his very own Facebook page:

(With thanks to Scott)


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