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Society of Genealogists - July events in London

The following Events will take place at the Society of Genealogists in July. To book a place online, visit our website at: www.sog.org.uk/books-courses/events-courses

You can also book by telephone, at the number listed below.

6 July 14:00-17:00
Drawing up a Family Tree
We will talk about uses of family trees, standard layouts and conventions, what to include and how to draw one up by hand. Software is mentioned as one means of generating trees and pedigree charts but the emphasis will not be on specific programs.

A half-day course with Louise Taylor price 17.50

10 Jul 14:00-17:00
Upstairs, Downstairs: My Ancestors Were in Service
Many of our ancestors worked as domestic servants, some were employed in the “Big House” and some as glorified housekeepers to local artisans and tradesmen. There are no specific sets of records for domestic servants, but it is possible to piece together evidence from various records.

A half-day course with Ian Waller price 17.50

13 Jul 10:30-13:00
Sources for Tracing Female Ancestors & Population and Birth Control
Family historians are often accused of interesting themselves only in the male lines of their ancestry following the history of the surname. Older pedigree compilations often ignore the daughters of a family leaving it difficult to establish the distaff line. However there are some sources that can be used to throw more light into the lives of our ancestresses and which let us hear their voices. We will look at some strong minded, vocal women; hear their voices and learn about women who fell on hard times (with Else Churchill).

In the second session, we will look at how some of our ancestor's mothers appear to have produced children at very regular, even frequent intervals; then there is a break in the pattern often attributed by us to a still birth or an accidental miscarriage. Have you considered the possibility of the family using birth control? Contrary to a popular image, wealthy families tended to have more children than did those lower in the financial and social spectrum. Dr Chapman will examine family and commonality sizes and describes methods of birth control that have been attempted over the centuries to limit local and national population numbers.

A half-day course with Else Churchill & Colin Chapman price 17.50

20 Jul 10:30-13:00
Family Historian Software Practical (intermediate to advanced users)
A hands-on practical course which will help you to get the most from this leading genealogical software. You must bring a laptop.

A half-day course with John Hanson price 17.50

20 Jul 14:00-17:00
My Ancestor Came From Westminster
Those with London ancestry will fast realise that people moved in and out of localities within the metropolis. Westminster has always been a City in its own right generating its own records and with its own parishes. Although an area within London it is not part of London and its records reflect this. Come along and understand why you need to research at the Westminster Archive centre and what is available to identify your ancestor.

A half-day course with Ian Waller price 17.50

27 Jul 10:30 17:00
Family Tree Maker Software Essentials - for Beginners & Refreshers
A full-day course with Mike Bollinger price 30.00

31 Jul 14:00-15:30
Visit: Tower Hamlets Cemetery
The Tower Hamlets Cemetery, located in the East End of London, was opened in 1841 and closed for burials in 1966. It was then called the City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery but was called Bow Cemetery by locals. Our historic tour of the cemetery will last approximately one hour. price 10.00

(With thanks to Lori Weinstein)


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