Monday, 4 November 2013

New Bletchley Park WW2 Roll of Honour site

One I missed earlier on my email trawl from the last couple of weeks - the Bletchley Park Roll of Honour, listing those who worked at the code breaking facility in the Second World War, has been relaunched at a new online site at

From the site:

The Bletchley Park Roll of Honour lists all those believed to have worked in signals intelligence during World War Two, at Bletchley Park and other locations.

Compiled from information in official sources, publications and provided by veterans, friends and families.

Please note, we have no information about anyone whose name does not appear in the Roll of Honour.

I have a connection to Bletchley Park - my grandfather's cousin Catherine Margaret Macdonald Paton worked there, and appears as follows:

WRNS, L/Wren
Summary of service
Bletchley Park. Naval Section. British Plot team, plotting positions of own naval forces.

Helpfully the Naval Section is hyperlinked, providing the following additional details:

Produced intelligence reports from German Navy Enigma signals decrypted by Hut 8. Also decrypted and produced intelligence reports from non-Enigma naval ciphers, including Italian and Japanese.

That wasn't noted in the previous version of the site, all very useful! It is possible to submit more information about those featured, which I have just done.

A great resource for all your code-breaking relatives!


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