Wednesday, 31 December 2014

FamilyRelatives adds 1841-1901 censuses subscription

From FamilyRelatives (

We are celebrating the beta launch of the Censuses 1841-1901 and are offering 5,000 Census Subscriptions at a 25%* discount that's an incredible 3 months extra to your 12 month subscription at no extra cost.

That is a fantastic 15 months access for just £29.95 (or less than £2.00 a month). Simply select the Census Subscription on the purchase page and your additional 3 months will be added automatically to you your subscription.

We believe that this offer is unrivaled and is the best value access to the Births, Deaths, Marriages and the 1841-1901 Censuses for England & Wales currently available. You can access all the records on the website with millions of births, deaths, marriages, census, military, parish and international records which are all included in the “Census subscription”.

You must hurry though if you don’t want to miss out and once the first 5,000 Census subscriptions are gone that’s it. Offer is valid for 7 days or when the discounted subscriptions run out.

Enjoy 25% off & also get 3 months extra. Offer is valid for 7 days or when discounted subscription runs out.

NB: This collections contains the English and Welsh censuses, as we
ll as the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Scotland and Ireland are not included. From what I can see, the Premium Census Subscription also offers all the records available through the Standard subscription (which costs £25 for 12 months access), you just get the censuses as additional content for the £29.95 subscription.

(With thanks to FamilyRelatives)


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  1. why post any links to FamilyRelatives.con
    yes .con not .com

    I used a password, I use for family tree searching and get locked out...
    they don't set a reset code, so can't use the site...

    Please don't post such glowing reports for a bad site...

  2. The above is a press release, not a 'glowing report'. Any issues you may have with your subscription, please take up with FamilyRelatives - as it's their site, they'll probably be in a better place to help you.