Sunday, 15 May 2016

Price increase on Northern Irish GENI website

Whilst I had noted previously on this blog that it was on the cards for the start of this month, I haven't as yet confirmed that it had happened - but after a day using the Northern Irish GRO's GENI website (, the prices have now most definitely gone up! Credits now cost 50p each, up 10p from the previous 40p. One credit will allow you to see a partial transcript of births, marriages and deaths records, whilst 5 credits will allow you to see an image of the original full record - i.e. at a cost of £2.50, up from the previous £2 - subject to certain imposed online closure periods (births over 100 years, marriages over 75 years, deaths over 50).

Note that to get the best in terms of a basic free search on the site, without paying anything you can see dates and some other very basic data (e.g. mother's maiden name on birth records) but only if you have at least one credit on your account.


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