Tuesday 30 May 2017

AncestryHour on Twitter

I've just caught the last fifteen minutes of this week's Ancestry Hour (http://www.ancestryhour.co.uk) on Twitter - and it occurs to me that I don't think I've ever actually formally posted about it on this blog. Well a fair exchange is no robbery, and it helps me out, so here we go - a wee word about #AncestryHour!

Ancestry Hour takes place every Tuesday night on Twitter (www.twitter.com) from 7pm-8pm UK time. Simply post about anything to do with genealogy or familyhistory and add in the hashtag #AncestryHour, and everyone following the conversation will see the post. You can see some previous posts at https://twitter.com/ancestryhour, or just type #AncestryHour in the Search box.

So if you want a quick databurst of genealogy happenings on a weekly basis, AncestryHour is certainly one way to do it!

(With thanks to @BordersAncestry, which hosts AncestryHour)


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