Wednesday 14 June 2017

1 million First World War hospital records on Forces War Records

From Forces War Records (

WW1 Hospital Records collection has now reached 1 Million!
Exclusive to Forces War Records - the specialist military genealogy website

These records have been painstakingly transcribed, directly from the original Military Hospital records in the National Archives, so you won't find these anywhere else online. The original documents were handwritten, often barely readable, but the Forces War Records UK based transcription team of 70+ experts (pictured below) worked for 2 years to decipher it and get the data online, making it easy for this collection to be searched, simply by name.

Why search our Hospital Records? In some cases these records may be the only existing proof for those researching, that their WW1 ancestors fought in the war. They'll show what he was treated for and where he went after he was patched up (or not!).

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(With thanks to Jennifer Holmes)


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