Monday, 5 June 2017

Geniarts kickstarter - family trees as art

Occasionally I get an email with something just a little different that catches my eye, and today was no different, with a message from Brussels based Geniarts ( The firm is seeking to raise €55,000 through a crowdfunder campaign at

Here's the blurb:

For more than 5 years Geniarts has been developing the next generation of family tree templates, by creating a website dedicated to contemporary artists who imagine new family tree templates.

In three simple steps, your family tree becomes the heart of a work of art !

The bottom line is that the company is seeking to create a new series of family tree style templates that can be displayed as art, but to do so it needs to raise the Kickstarter money by Mon, July 3 2017 6:19 PM BST. You can pledge money to purchase one of the designs at a certain size, depending on your budget - if all of the money is raised, you'll get the design you've pledged for, and if not, you won't, and no money will go to the project.

There's also a wee video to go with it:

(This is also available at

I'm not sure if this is quite my thing, but it may very well be your kind of thing - and I am very much a member of the 'God loves a trier' school of thought!  So do take a look, see if it is up your street, and in the meantime, good luck to the Geniarts team!


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